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Web designing may not have fixed rules and regulations or code of ethics but it surely has some time tested parameters that you can safely follow to make your site widely accepted on the net. Please make a note that we are talking about the simple personal web site and not the huge corporate or business webs.

web page designing

While designing the web the first thing should come into your mind is your subject and target visitors. Please always remember that web designing is an art deals on the principle of psychology. Its not only your web site but hundreds and thousands of options available to the visitors hence you must have something which will attracts and make him come back again and again. So the first aspect to work out while designing the website is visual appeal. For this you need to have an idea of the subject and the target visitors as we mentioned above.

If you are designing the website of an artist, you can assume that mostly the target visitors will be from the same field or the people who knows about that art. Let us say you are designing the site of painter. The site may not be necessarily fancy but it should reflect the environment, colors and placement of the objects suitable for the subject. It should not be necessarily packed with heavy images that will take lot of time to download but may be with the tactful addition of galleries with thumbnails that are sufficient to arouse the interest of the visitors at the same time will take less download time.

The home page of the site is the entrance of your web and you need to be extra careful while designing this layout as its going to create the first impression of your web site. For home page, you have to take two main aspects into consideration, i.e. design and loading time. You have to maintain the balance between this. There are people still leaving in the old times saying home page should have just one image maximum and it should download within three or five seconds etc. Though it is true that homepage should download fast but you must understand that internet speed has also increased as compared to old time’s modems and net connections hence you can add bit more to spice up your home page rather than keeping it dry to download with the lightening speed.

Making secondary page is a matter of consistency. You can not keep on changing the design of the pages within the same web. The colors, and other objects, like buttons; banners should have consistency throughout the web. Clean navigation is absolutely essential part of the good web site. Confusing navigation may be the big turn off!!!

Adding flash, other animations, java applets, videos, audio files and scripts is a matter of choice and necessity. This again depends on your subject. It is said that serious visitors are not much in favor of the site stuffed with animation but it’s also true that correct use of animation add lots of spice, taste and make the web alive.

Some website are very fast and they don't need much to decorate the page as they are absolutely sure about their objective. Google is the best example of this kind where they just have the text and the speed at which their surfers find what they want.

Web design needs the delicate balance of art and science. Designer must be aware with the psychology of the visitors. He may not be the expert but should the knowledge of the subject he is working with. This will also help to develop the better relations with his client which will further benefited in the process of designing.

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