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1. Create a new file with dark background. Create a new layer. Check out Fancy Buttons - 2 for the initial procedure. We have changed the colors for this lesson.

Please remember to keep dark color for foreground and lighter version for background.

Drag the gradient tool from bottom to top for the first time.

2. Select > Modify > Contract (by 4)

Select > Feather (Radius 4)

3. Select Gradient Tool and drag from Top to Bottom this time.

photoshop button tutorials

4. Create a new layer.

Select > Modify > Contract (by 4)

5. Change the foreground color to white. Select Gradient Tool again and keep "Foreground to Transparent" option in the option bar. Drag again from the top to bottom. Deselect the selection with CTRL + D

6. This adds light inside the button.

photoshop button tutorials

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