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Adding Graphics or the logo in the card need special attention as it can take the card to new height or it can even ruin the effect. When you use graphics, if it include more colors, you may need to think of changing font color also.

Type of graphics
You can use single color logo or the picture, line art with flat colors or even a photograph. Just make sure that the picture is clear with no crooked edges and it should be sharp without blur.

While adding the picture in the card we need to consider lot of things. The size does matter here. We need to fix the size first. This depends upon what preference you give to the graphics and the name of the company. Once you decide this the next decision is to find the appropriate place to place the graphics.

Placing Graphics
We are using american size card to place the graphics. We will use it along with the other matter like your name, company name, phone number and address. Following figure represents the standard american size card of 92 x 54 mm.

visiting card size

We have designed the following logo for the card. Now we need to place it in the card. We can reduce the size of the logo while we use it. Here is a picture of logo.

visiting card logo

Let us design the card using the information about the company, name of the person, designation, phone number, address etc. First you need to find the suitable location on the card to place the graphics. We have placed it at the top left corner. The graphics and text should be placed within the margin of 3mm.

visiting card graphics

This is the complete card we have designed using logo and the other text matter. Make a note that address font is the smallest size used in the card along with designation and the site address. You need to decide what emphasis you want to give to particular matter. We have reduced the size of the logo. The card should possess the balance of text and graphic. How to achieve balance is a matter of practice.

visiting card size

Let us preview the card removing margins and rulers.

visiting card design

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