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Using background for visiting card can add beauty to the card but you need to be very careful with the choice of an image. The background can be of different types. It can include plain color, gradient color, any type of design or a photo or any graphic for that matter.

We are not considering the actual card paper that come up with certain design or textures or embossing. We are just considering third party graphics that can be included while designing the card. Lot of effect also depends upon the quality of the paper, type of the texture, feel etc but those subjects are out of the scope of designer who designs the card though sometimes he may need to consider it. If the party already inform about the color they want to use as a background, he has to use the fonts and other card attributes according to it.

Using plain colored background
This is the simple example of plain colored card where we have used blue color for background. Once the color is decided, we have to think of the color for company name, address, person's name, designation and the color of the line also which separates the company name from the description and the line above address.

Plain Colored card

visiting card background

Deciding Colors
In the above example, you can note that the colors used are though complementary with blue background and white text, the text is standing out on the blue background with white color. We have used dark blue color for the description on relatively light blue background and making is prominent against it. Logo is again of lighter shade of blue and it is lighter than the background.

Please observe carefully that description is darker than the background color and the logo is lighter than the background. Both standout prominently. Same goes with other card attributes. For. Address, name, designation etc.

Color Error
Lets try some other color where it gives negative impact on the card when applied against the same blue background. This will give you an idea about the careful usage of color as well as its impact.

visiting card background

This is an imbalance type of visiting card where the colors are used in such a fashion that the person will see the logo first and then other things. Actually every aspect of the card is important but there can be an order to make those things prominent. In the above card, the color of the logo is standing out against the background and its attracting the attention of people. The company name and the description is of same color and its almost on the way to merge with the background. It will fail to attract the people.

More than that, when you use same color for company name and the description it will loose its impact. Its because you can not immediately make out the difference between them by just using different type of font or the size or font style.

At the same time you may observe that the line between company name and description doesn't solve any purpose because of the colors used above and below. The line lost its impact because it is surrounded by the color scheme closer to its own color.

Lets try another example where we are using different colors but it still proved to be making the negative impact.

visiting card backgrounds

Though it seems better than the previous one, its monotonous. Dark color everywhere doesn't seem to be that attractive. Besides with the same tone of the color it becomes difficult to differentiate the matter immediately. The attributes are prominent in this case as compared to the previous card but mere prominent matter won't help in making a good card. There must be the proper use of colors that will define the importance of those attributes in a proper manner.

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