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Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a serious chapter of photoshop. Most of the beginner deals with filter as if it is made for fun. This may be true only for the beginner. But once you want to use the software for serious work, filters helps you exclusively for minute detailing in photoretouching.

photoshop retouching techniques

What is Photo Retouching? In simple words, photo retouching is manipulation of the photograph according to the requirement using photo retouching commands.This manipulation or the editing has a wide range. The photograph maybe blurred, needs sharpening. It may be too sharp needs little blurring. It may be dark needs lightening. It may be light needs little darkening.

Besides, you need to change the intensity of the tones of the image. Every image made up of three types of pixels. Shadows, represents darkest pixels, midtones represents gray pixels and the highlights represents lightest pixels in the image. You may need to change the levels of the intensity of these images. You may get old photograph where you want to remove dust and scratches. You may want to color the black and white photograph.

And finally you may want to add special effects to the image by applying filters. All this comes under Photo Retouching and it is still more. Retouching an image is a matter of skill and experience. User has to go slow. Wait to see the effects. Photoretouching commands are very minute. Sometimes you may not see any dramatic change in the image but the overall appearance of the image may be changed. User must train himself to acknowledge the difference after applying the minute retouching commands.

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