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Adobe Flash Easing Technique

1. Let us learn how to control the speed of Tween Animation.

2. Create a new file.

3. Create a circle. Convert it into symbol by pressing F8.

flash easing techniques

4. Keep the circle out of the frame at the first frame. Press f6 at 35th frame. Drag the circle at the bottom center. Press F6 at 70th frame and drag the circle out of the frame towards right.

5. Right click between 1 to 35th. Create classic Tween. Then right click between 35th and 70th frame and create classic tween.

adobe flash easing techniques

6. Export movie to .swf. You will get following output.

7. The speed of the animation is same for all the frames. In the beginning, at the bottom and top, the speed is same.

We need to slow the speed in the beginning.

8. Select 35 th frame. In the properties, under Tweening click edit Easing icon.

adobe flash easing techniques

9. Edit the Ease In and Ease Out as follows.

adobe flash easing techniques

10. Export the file SWF. Check the difference between the animation before and after easing.

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