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Working with Layers in Photoshop

photoshop layer tools

It’s very important to understand layer concept in Photoshop. Because it gives the flexibility to work with image as a whole or the parts of the image. Layer is like a think transparent film upon which we place a single image and/or multiple images or we can even cut the parts of an image and place it on the separate layers to edit them separately. The beauty of the layer concept lays in its movability.

The layers can be moves in the layer palette and at the same time they can be merged with each other. It can be duplicated, deleted and flattened. Flattened means all the layers are reduced to just one single layer with a flattened command. It should be noted that the site of the file gets increased with the number of layers and more and more layer makes the file heavy as well as the working environment complex.

Hence, it is advisable from the beginning to name the layers clearly when we create them. Once the name is given to particular layer, it is easier to keep the track of that layer and apply any editing commands. There are certain special layers. When you type any text, you don’t need to create separate layer for it before typing. Photoshop create its own layer when you type the text. The text layer editing is somewhat different than image editing. You cannot treat text as graphic. If you want to treat the text like graphic and edit it like graphic then you need to convert that text into graphic using rasterize command.

The layers can be edited using different types of modes that are available with the layer palette. You need to have two layers to work with and see the effects of modes. If you have two layers with images, you can select the top layer and change the mode to multiply, screen, overlay etc. and you will find the change in the color or the effect.

There are other editing commands that includes the effects like strokes, bevel and emboss, drop shadows etc. These can be accessed even on the single layer. This means you can type the text and add the layer effect of bevel and emboss by selecting the text layer and applying relevant command. It is very important to keep the track of the layers properly when we use multiple layers.

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