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Color Basics

photoshop color basics

Everyone likes colors and even can tell the reason to use colors on the web. So you may wonder why we are keeping one full section for colors? We will try to find out the technical reasons for using colors on the web.

Why to use Color?

photoshop color basics

Using colors in the print industry is difficult job. To produce the consistent color is a matter of long practice and proficiency. We will be discussing the color for web technology. Before we continue further many of you might have observed that there are different types of monitors and resolutions hence the same image can look different on different monitor. So it is a different type of adjustment then the print industry when web is concerned. Web designer tries to use effective color schemes, which goes along with the subject of the web. This area is very sensitive as it can take the web high or completely destroy with wrong color schemes.

photoshop color basics

If you decorate your web with amazing quality pictures, it may make your page heavy to download. There are limitations of using images on the web till today. Besides use of image also depends upon the subject you are working with. There are some exceptions where you have to use big images. At that time thumbnails comes for your help. Colors can help to make your web appealing. It expresses the feeling of the subject. It can take the content high if it merges with the subject. Color comes with its associations and there is a lot of scope for experimentation with different subjects. Designers have to take the associations of color into consideration for proper output.

There are many other general reasons for the use of colors. The main is, color communicates. It's a very powerful inexpensive tool to put you message forward. By using the proper colors you increase the chances of making your web content prominent and getting more hits.

What is Color?

Everyone can use colors for web but to use colors effectively is a skill. So first, what is color? All that is visible is color; Aristotle said. There can be many definitions of the colors. Defining color accurately is bit tricky because it is not an objective property of nature or a substance. It's related with vision. It is a perception that occurs in living being. Color changes according to the perceptions of the observer. But the different definitions are interesting.

Leonardo da Vinci
For Artist, color is an artistic way to the world of the human experience, which cannot be described.

To a physicist, color is a phenomenon of waves and particles.

For Chemist, it is a characteristic of molecules.

To marketing executive it is a powerful tool, which can be used effectively for his make, believe profession.

For web page designer it is a fastest way of expressing the heart of the subject on which he is working.

For desktop publisher it is a tool for making communicative layouts.

From the ancient time, the color has been use as a part of object.

It is a means to express the feelings and imagination. It is used wit the same intensity either arts or religion to explore the object to its maximum potential.

Great artist like Leonardo da Vinci tried out new pigments with special ingredients to make the color more durable in terms of its luster and age. It is essential to know about color basics to use the colors powerfully on the computers. Especially when you have a program like Photoshop in your hand, which has tremendous potential to create astonishing effects.

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