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Basic Graphics Terms

Let us have clear idea about the basic terms in graphics. It is advisable to go through the basics before starting with any package.


Basic Graphics Terms color

Colors play a significant role in web page designing. Everyone likes to use colors for web page but it requires little practice to use colors effectively with balance and economy. You need to know color basics and the technical reasons behind the use of colors to explore the maximum potential of colors. The site has devoted an entire section on color basics to clear the color concepts.


Basic Graphics Terms graphics
Pictorial representation of data is called graphics. The term is broadly used in the world of digital arts, image processing, illustrations, designing, animation and so on. Web graphics evolved with the introduction of colorful, pleasant websites, which includes buttons, textures, backgrounds, icons, images, gif animations, navigation bars etc. All the leading image-processing packages are now enhanced with the optimizing techniques, useful to create graphics suitable for web.


Basic Graphics Terms image

This is more specific. Any picture including traditional scanned photograph can be called an image. Some processing requires before using images for web. Packages like photoshop made this work fairly simple with its helpful commands. Images make web page more alive but increases download time hence its use must be kept economical both in time and designing aspect.

Image Processing

Basic Graphics Terms image processing

People use the word "image editing " and "image processing" for the same. Generally image processing involves adjusting the technical properties of the image and modifying the actual content of the image may be to give totally new look to the image.


Basic Graphics Terms fonts

People love to work with fonts. It is a design of character. It comes with wide range. Choosing proper font is a matter of skill. Selection of font is very important for web because it must be available on visitors desktop or it may destroy the look of the site.


Basic Graphics Terms cliparts

Generally deals with line arts. Mostly created with Gif format where line of the picture is more important than color. Cartoons, icons and sometimes buttons also comes under this category. Lots of CDs available in the market to provide wide range of cliparts suitable for any purpose. Cliparts add more meaning to the subject.


If it is graphic designing it includes drawing ,creating and editing the pictures generally using vector programs like corelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator etc. Web designing contains designing of HTML pages using editors like Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc.


Resolution is something of prime importance in digital arts. In a general term it is referred to image resolution, monitor resolution and output device resolution. To be precise, it is a unit of measurement, used to determine the size of an image, the way an image displayed on the monitor and the device on which an image is output.


Basic Graphics Terms animation

Changing the frames with respect to time is a definition of the traditional animation. It adds spice to the web. The use of animation for web is a critical question. It has to go along the theme and the nature of the web. Flash is a keyword for animation today.


Today, the web pages are blinking with different media. You can read the text, see the pictures, hear the sounds and watch the videos also. Integrating all these media makes Multimedia environment.

File Formats

You have to save the image in proper format to work further if you want to open it in different package. If it is transported through net or uploaded on the web it has to be in the right format. The common formats are Jpeg and Gif.

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