Adobe Photoshop Channel Project

1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Open desired image.

photoshop channel effects original image

2. Select Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw ellipse in such a way to accommodate the main portion of the image.

photoshop channel effects selections

3. Click Channel Palette or select Channel Palette Tab.

4. Create New Channel. The Image will become black and the selection will remain on the black background

5. Select > Feather > Feather Radius (16 pixels)

6. Fill White color in the selection by pressing Alt + Del. Deselect the selection with Ctrl + D

photoshop channel effects with channel

7. Filter > Noise > Add Noise

Amount : 34
Distribution : Uniform

photoshop channel effects with noise filter

8. Filter > Brush Strokes> Angled Strokes

Direction Balance : 70
Stroke Length : 15
Sharpness : 3

photoshop channel effects with angled stroke filter

9. Select RGB Channel in the channel palette. Click Layer Tab. Select the image layer.

10. Select > Load Selection

Select Alpha 1

11. Select > Inverse

photoshop channel effects with inverse

12. Fill the Image with white color by pressing Alt + Del

photoshop channel effects final

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